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Our VIP air charter flights present you with the highest quality private jet and helicopter charter travel!

You can expect outstanding delivery of your every need in planning your trip, state-of-the-art aircraft, pilots with thousands of hours of flight time, and an exceptional in-flight crew to provide you with everything you require from an executive jet, turboprop and helicopter charter service.


Choosing Aviation Geeks Sky Tour  corporate private jet charter service not only delivers the most luxurious and stress-free business flights, but also relieves you of the hassle of dealing with crowded airports, long queues and the inflexibility of commercial flights.

Our exclusive corporate charter service will get you and your personnel to your business destination rapidly and with all the amenities of the finest aircraft available today. Speed of travel is due to our attention to detail through checking the best departure and arrival points, often using our special access to airports which are nearby but unavailable to commercial operators.

Aviation Geeks Sky Tour  provide a wide range of air charter services offering flexible, affordable, luxurious and private plane charter. We offer access to the finest selection of private jets and helicopters available to meet your every need. Whether you’re on holiday, attending to business or taking part in a major sporting event, we have the perfect private charter solution.

Each of our available air charters is useful for personal and commercial use, depending on the circumstances. Whether you are looking to charter a plane for a large group, travel internationally, We have an aircraft charter service for you.

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