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Aviation Geeks  Flight Training Devices feature type-specific cockpit replicas, placing trainees into the most immersive environment. Dedicated to flight crew training, the solutions offer the following training capabilities:

  • Preflight procedures

  • Surface operations (pre-take-off and post landing)

  • Takeoff and departure phase (normal, abnormal and emergency)

  • In flight maneuvers

  • Instrument Approaches and Landing (normal, abnormal and emergency)

  • Visual Approaches and Landing (*)

  • Any flight phase – normal, abnormal and emergency procedures

  • Wide scope of associated training events in all flight phases (normal, abnormal, emergency)

  • High fidelity simulation software matching the need for the most accurate training

  • Maximal precision on hardware replicas for an increased immersivity

  • Multiple options available for the best fit to client's needs

  • Equipment guaranteed for the best durability and reliability, as well as effective after sale service.


Flight Training Device (FTD) Hardware

The Flight Training Device’s cockpit provides a three-dimensional physical environment simulating the real cockpit. Flight deck’s switches, instruments, equipment, panels, systems, primary and secondary flight controls sufficient for the training events to be accomplished are located in a spatially correct flight deck area and operate as, and represent those in, the selected aircraft. All panels correspond to the real-world function and are of identical size. Where necessary, additional equipment required for MCC qualification are installed.


Flight Training Device (FTD) Software

A customizable software tool

Aviation Geeks worldwide recognized simulated Flight Management (and Guidance) System additionally has the capability to integrate customer’s Navigation Database after a conversion into a specific proprietary software tool. This capacity brings out more than ever a completely tailored training for the benefit of trainees and operators.


Thanks to a maintenance-oriented design, we guarantee an optimized availability to our devices (over 99%).

Detailed documentation specific to each Flight Simulation Training Device is provided and ensures the customer’s capacity to operate, maintain and troubleshoot. Training on operation and maintenance is provided at onsite installation in order to deliver a turnkey solution.

Online support and deficiency tracking tool are provided in order to give the most efficient customer service and track the history of all system related issues. Mutual understanding of observed discrepancies is sought-after and enables specifying a priority for any confirmed issue.

Remote support can be provided for any Flight Simulation Training Device and guarantees a swift control and management of issues during the life cycle of the device. Updates and upgrades are installed remotely and do not require the presence of simulator maintenance team, unless occasionally needed in case of hardware or firmware operations.

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